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GMChorale is a symphonic choir composed of 80 voices who perform a wide range of choral repertoire, from beloved masterworks to newly commissioned pieces. GMChorale is featured in two main stage productions each year where they are joined by Alchemy and Elms City Girls Choir for their stage performances.



Alchemy, the vocal chamber ensemble of GMChorale, is comprised of music educators, professional soloists, and skilled ensemble singers who create a beautifully rich sound. They offer a sublime musical experience through concert tours and are also available for collaborations/education that advance community engagement. Alchemy is available for hire.



Harmonia, the string chamber ensemble of GMChorale, sprang up in 2020 out of the lull of the pandemic and is named after the Greek goddess of harmony and concord. This group will accompany GMChorale as well as perform its own chamber repertoire. Composed as a core group of musicians that will be expanded to meet the needs of GMChorale’s diverse repertoire, Harmonia will make its debut in GMChorale’s fall mainstage production in November 2021.

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