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For Members


Our Singer's Handbook has been updated to provide useful information for our new members and to remind us veterans of things we may have forgotten.


Click here for a your copy of the current Member Information document.

Mass in E Flat minor

Making the Most Out of Home Study


Lots of help out there while we puzzle over accidentals and figure out fugues. No need to donate or pay, though no one is stopping us.

(Read through the opening paragraphs to "mp3 catalog",

click, search by author and title,

click on the speaker symbol,

then choose your options)


(Click on Mozart's pic, Major Works, composer and work,

find the movement, click part, then play)

Joe always reminds us to read text translations so that we can imbue our singing with the proper emotional inflections. Here are two links. (The English translation of Schicksaslied also appears, conveniently, below the German in our scores.)

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